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Team Leaders

Team leaders send out new work to the keyboarders on their teams. When the work has been completed and returned to them, the team leaders use Easy-KeyToolkit to carry out checks on Standard Format Markers (SFMs), versification, the use of the "@" symbol and any duplicate text. They then review any notes from the keyboarder, and provide any useful feedback that may be needed, before using the Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor application. The files are then sent on to the Project Manager.

This page contains a basic guide for Team Leaders, plus some working examples that enable you to practise identifying and correcting errors with the use of Easy-KeyToolkit. There are also some spreadsheet templates and examples for how to keep keyboarding records.

For the basic guide, please click on the button below to open a PDF file in your browser. For the examples and spreadsheets, just click on the white text heading in the green or blue sections below to open it up.

How to use Easy-KeyToolkit


Working examples

There are four examples below that you can use in Easy-KeyToolkit to practise identifying and correcting errors. You will need to download each file to your own computer by clicking on the appropriate button below. You should then open them from within Easy-KeyToolkit.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4


Keyboarding records

You may find it helpful to use an Excel spreadsheet to help you in compiling records of the keyboarding work undertaken by your team members. You will find here two files, each of which has been provided in the appropriate formats for Excel 2003 and for Excel 2010. The first file is simply a blank template that you can download and start using straight away. The second file shows an example of how the template can work.

Excel 2003

Template Example