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The individual fonts can be downloaded by going to the suppliers' websites. You can use the links under "Support - Fonts" above. For the Charis SIL font, use the "Windows installer" option. Please note that Code2000 is shareware but work for MissionAssist is covered by SIL's group licence.

A few people have had problems installing fonts. They have downloaded them successfully, unzipped the files and clicked on the "Fonts" option in the system control panel, but still the font does not appear in the list of fonts. These notes are provided to help in this situation.

  1. Re-boot the computer.
  2. Click on Start.
  3. Click on Control Panel.
  4. Click on Fonts.

If these fonts are included in the list of fonts, do nothing more except to close the font list and then start Easy-KeyEdit again. This usually completes the installation process and the fonts are then included in the list.

If the fonts are not listed (or they still do not appear in the Easy-KeyEdit list of fonts), you will have to install them yourself. See the item on the "Fonts" menu for "Windows Vista" if you are running this operating system or anything later. Alternatively, see the item for "Windows XP". This covers that system and all earlier Windows operating systems as well.


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