Easy-Key and WEBBS

There is a wide range of support available, so please look through the list and choose whatever you think will be most appropriate for your needs. The options are described below, but you can also choose them from the various choices on the "Support" menu or "Documentation" menu above.

Introductory video

This is a short, introductory video to WEBBS that you should be able to watch in your browser.


There are numerous PDF files that you can download and print to provide useful "crib sheets" for those who prefer having some hard copy in their hand!

Support centre

This is our web-based facility for providing guidance and assistance to those using the applications. You can report a problem to us by "opening a new ticket". Once that has been done, you can keep track of progress by using your email address and the individual ticket number to log in and see all the replies and comments that have been posted on your query. You can also "open a new ticket" by sending an email describing your problem to: Easy-Key Support Centre.

Direct contact

You can contact the technical advisor  or website administrator directly by email or telephone through our contact page.

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