Easy-Key and WEBBS

To check the current version of an Easy-Key program that you are using, go to the "Help" menu and select "About". A window will appear on screen, showing details of the version, library and package. Compare them with the list below. If the list below shows a later (higher) number, you should use the Download Manager to re-install this program on your computer.

15 September 2019

The current, latest program versions available for download are listed below. The most recent update is indicated in brackets after the version number.

Easy-KeyEdit, version 1.49.0
Library 2.10.26
Package 69

Easy-KeyEdit4, version 3.33

Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor, version 1.8.16
xmlVersion 17/02/2016 19:56
cssVersion 4

Easy-KeyToolkit, version 2.60.0
Library 2.10
Package 71

Easy-KeyMerger, version 2.35.0
Library 2
Package 69

Easy-KeyConcatenate, version 1.2.10

Easy-KeyDeConcatenate, version 1.1.6

Easy-KeyKeycodes, version 1.1
Data Version 1.0.3

To download programs, you will need to run the Download Manager on your own computer and re-install any programs that have been superseded.

16 February 2015

The current, latest font versions available for download are:


Charis SIL - 5.000

Gentium Plus - 5.000

Code 2000 - 1.17