Easy-Key and WEBBS

To check the current version of an Easy-Key program that you are using, go to the "Help" menu and select "About". A window will appear on screen, showing details of the version, library and package. Compare them with the list below. If the list below shows a later (higher) number, you should use the Download Manager to re-install this program on your computer.

11 October 2018

The current, latest program versions available for download are:

Easy-KeyEdit, version 1.47.0
Library 2.10.23
Package 645

Easy-KeyEdit4, version 3.25.2

Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor, version 1.8.16
xmlVersion 17/02/2016 19:56
cssVersion 4

Easy-KeyToolkit, version 2.55.16
Library 2.10
Package 66

Easy-KeyMerger, version 2.33.0
Library 2
Package 645

Easy-KeyConcatenate, version 1.2.10

Easy-KeyDeConcatenate, version 1.1.6

Easy-KeyKeycodes, version 1.1
Data Version 1.0.3

To download programs, you will need to run the Download Manager on your own computer and re-install any programs that have been superseded.

16 February 2015

The current, latest font versions available for download are:


Charis SIL - 5.000

Gentium Plus - 5.000

Code 2000 - 1.17