Easy-Key and WEBBS

The Download Manager is a small application that is used to install all Easy-Key programs and the necessary fonts for the first time, or to update an existing Easy-Key program or font. Our programs have been designed primarily for the Windows operating system, provided that it has the .NET environment (version 3.5 or later) installed. (In practical terms, this means Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. They all come with the .NET environment already installed.)

When you are ready, the first step is to download and install the Download Manager. Step two then involves using the download manager to choose the Easy-Key program, programs or fonts that you wish to download. It is important that you run the Download Manager immediately on loading it. However, different browsers handle the process in different ways. If you're not thoroughly familiar with your own browser, please see the notes on "Browser Programs" that can be selected from the "Software" menu above before starting this download.

As the Download Manager installs itself, it will place a shortcut on your Windows desktop. To install any Easy-Key program or font for the first time, or to update it to the latest version, simply run the Download Manager and install (or re-install) the relevant Easy-Key program or font from the menu in the Download Manager. It should work something like this:

  • A small window will open with a drop-down selection box and some instructions on what to do.
  • Select the program or font that you wish to install. (Keyboarders should select "Easy-KeyEdit Install" first, and install it, then "Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor". They should also install the fonts "Charis SIL", "Gentium Plus" and "Code 2000" which are at the bottom of the list - unless the latest versions have been installed previously.)
  • A new button, entitled "Download Now" will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. Click on this button.
  • The selected program or font should then download. Occasionally, this process may be interrupted if there is a problem with your connection to the internet. When this happens, a message will appear to say that the download failed to complete successfully. Simply try using the "Download Now" button until you get an information box with the message: "Download completed successfully. Installation will now start." When this appears, click on the "OK" button.
  • A new window should appear for the selected program. It will contain four buttons and we recommend that you select the first one entitled: "No-Questions-Asked Installation".
  • A licence agreement will be shown and you will need to click on "Yes, I do" to complete the process of installing the program.
  • Finally, you will need to re-boot your computer before using the new program. (If you are an editor, you are likely to be installing more than one program, so you can choose to re-boot later. Otherwise, you should select the "Reboot now" button to complete the process.

When you're ready to begin downloading the Download Manager itself, simply click on the button below. A new window will open to save or cancel the download of the installer. Click on “Save File”. The installer with be saved in your download folder. You then need to run the installer to install the download manager on your computer.