Easy-Key and WEBBS

The Download Manager is a small application that is used to install:

  • all Easy-Key programs;
  • all the necessary fonts;
  • all updates.

Our programs have been designed for the Windows operating system versions 8 or later. (If you are still using Windows 8 or Vista we strongly recommend that you update to Windows 10. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is therefore vulnerable to viruses. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 8 in 2023.)

Please read through the instructions for installing the Download Manager and then refer to the guidance below in using it.

Installing the Download Manager

When you're ready to begin downloading the Download Manager itself, simply click on the button below.

Download Manager

Some browsers may give the option to save and then run the file. You should allow this and you will be guided through the process to install the Download Manager onto your computer.

In other browsers, a new window may open to save or cancel the download of the installer. If this is the case, click "Save". The installer will be saved in your download folder on your computer. You should then go to that folder, find the file and either right-click the file and choose "Install" (or "Run") or simply double click the file. You will then be guided through the process to install the Download Manager onto your computer.

Using the installed Download Manager

Once the Download Manager installs itself, it will place a shortcut on your Windows desktop. You will then be able to use the Download Manager to choose the Easy-Key program(s) or fonts that you need. To install any Easy-Key program or font for the first time, or to update it to the latest version, the process is the same. Simply open the Download Manager and install (or re-install) the relevant Easy-Key program or font from the dropdown menu in the Download Manager. It should work something like this:

  • Open the Download Manager. (A quick way is simply to double click on the desktop shortcut icon it has created.)
  • A small window will open with a drop-down selection box and some instructions on what to do.
  • Select the program or font that you wish to install. (Keyboarders should select "Easy-KeyEdit4 Install". They should also install the font called "Charis SIL" unless the latest version has been installed previously.)
  • A button, entitled "Download Now" will appear in the bottom, left-hand corner of the window. Click on this button.
  • A progress bar will appear above the “Download Now” button as files are transferred. Once complete, a dialogue box will appear saying “Download completed successfully. Installation will now start”. Click on "OK".
  • A further dialogue box will appear to welcome you to the set-up process. Click on "Next" and the next page will tell you where on your computer the program will be installed. We recommend you simply click on "Next" unless you specifically need to install it in another folder.
  • You will then be asked to confirm in order to complete installation. Again, click on "Next". (At this point, security on your computer MAY ask you whether you wish to give permission for this to be installed. If so, just click on "Yes".)
  • Once installed a final dialogue box will appear to confirm installation. Now click on "Close" and the Easy-Key program you have chosen will be ready to use. An icon providing a shortcut to open the program will appear on your desktop.

If you need to install or update another program or font, return to the Download Manager and select the relevant item from the dropdown list and download as above. If nothing else is needed, just click on "Close" in the bottom, right-hand corner of the Download Manager.