Easy-Key and WEBBS

Different browser applications handle the downloading of files in different ways. Of the four main applications available for Windows systems at the moment, two behave in one way and two in another. If you are not familiar with downloading files, please read through these notes before attempting to download any of the Easy-Key applications.

Windows Internet Explorer, Windows EdgeAOL and Opera

When you click on a program file, these browsers will offer you three options for dealing with it: "Run", "Save" or "Cancel". (Opera also provides a "Help" button at this point.) When using the Easy-Key Download Manager, you should select the "Run" option to start the program straight away.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Both of these browsers initially only allow you to "Save" or "Cancel" the file. Both of them also identify a specific directory into which files that you download from the internet are stored. You should select the "Save" option in these browsers. They will both provide some indication of the progress of the download. (In Firefox this takes the form of a separate, small window, whilst in Chrome you will see an icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.) When the file has been successfully downloaded, you can run it immediately by double-clicking on the relevant program icon (on the screen or in the window). This is what you should do with the Easy-Key Download Manager.


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