Easy-Key and WEBBS

All of the Easy-Key applications and fonts should be installed or updated using the Easy-KeyDownloadManager. To obtain this program, please select "Easy-KeyDownloadManager" from the "Software" menu above. You should read what it says there before running the application. Please note that both keyboarders and editors should use this application to obtain the particular program(s) that they need.


The Easy-Key applications are designed primarily to run on the Windows operating system for a desktop or laptop personal computer. However, older versions of Windows are no longer supported, so Easy-Key will not run on Windows 7 or any earlier versions such as Windows XP. Neither will Easy-Key applications work on Windows RT or any other operating systems for tablets and smartphones. There are instructions available for those using an AppleMac but, again, not an iPad.


If you need any help to download and install the Easy-Key software, please select "Support" from the main menu above. There are several documents available in Portable Document Format that can be read online or downloaded and printed. We also provide a "Support Centre" where you can complete a "ticket" that allows you to correspond directly with our technical advisor.

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