Easy-Key and WEBBS

All of the Easy-Key applications and fonts should be installed or updated using the Download Manager. To obtain this program, please select "Download Manager" from the "Software" menu above. You should read what it says there before running the application. Please note that both keyboarders and editors should use this application to obtain the particular program(s) that they need.

Download Manager and Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor

In June 2013, a new Easy-Key application was released: the Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor. Those users who first installed the Download Manager prior to June 2013 will need to download a new DAT file to upgrade their version of the Download Manager before they can install this new application. Please select "DM Upgrade" from the "Software" menu above for further help.

Windows RT

The latest downloads of the Easy-Key suite of programs have been tested without any problems on Windows 8 for a PC or laptop. However, they will not work on Windows RT which comes installed on some tablets. Currently there are no plans to make the Easy-Key software available for Windows RT or other tablet operating systems.


If you need any help to download and install the Easy-Key software, please select "Support" from the main menu above. There are several options from which you can choose, from documents to download and print, to an online "wiki" or our "Support Centre" that lets you correspond directly with our technical advisor.