Easy-Key and WEBBS

All of the documents for keyboarding described below are supplied in PDF format (except for the demonstration which is a video file that runs in your browser). You can either select documents from the items in the "Documentation" menu above or you can download them from this page. The PDF documents will load in separate tabs in yoiur browser application but, when you have viewed the video file, you will need to use your browser's "Back" button (the left-pointing arrow at the top, left-hand side of most browsers) to return to this screen.

Reference Sheets

These sheets, issued in October 2020, describe the various features and methods used in WEBBS keyboarding with the main application: Easy-KeyEdit4. The reference sheets also include worked examples and step-by-step instructions.

This is the main application used by keyboarders. Click on the button below to link to this page.

Reference Sheets

Applications for editors

These three applications are used for checking and editing keyboarding files before producing a final, finished version that can be returned to the client.

Easy-KeyToolkit Easy-KeyMerger Easy-KeyConcatenate


This is a longer presentation on the Worldwide Electronic Bible & Book Service, aimed at those who are considering becoming volunteer keyboarders.


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