Easy-Key and WEBBS

All of these documents for keyboarding are supplied in PDF format (except for the demonstration which is a video file that runs in your browser). We have produced them to help you work efficiently with Easy-Key programs and the original documents being displayed on screen. Simply click on the relevant item in the "Documentation" menu above. PDF documents will load in separate windows but, when you have viewed a video file, you will need to select this item from the menu again (or use your browser's "Back" button to return to this screen).

Reference Sheets

These sheets, issued in January 2014, cover all main features, methods and worked examples in relation to WEBBS keyboarding.

Keyboarding Guide

This gives particular help on how to keyboard from PDF files rather than photocopied paper.


This is a video file that explains how to use the Easy-KeyEdit program.

Who Does What?

This offers an overview for editors, checkers and programme managers of the processes that need to take place, how they inter-relate and which software to use at each stage.

Easy-KeyEdit, Easy-KeyToolkit, Easy-KeyMerger and Easy-KeyConcatenate

Detailed discussions of each of these facilities and how best to use them is available via these links. Refer to the wiki pages under the "Support" page where extra information and help is given for these programs.


This is a longer presentation on the Worldwide Electronic Bible & Book Service aimed at those who are considering becoming volunteer keyboarders.