Easy-Key and WEBBS

The Easy-Key software programs are designed specifically for members of MissionAssist for use in keyboarding work as part of the Worldwide Electronic Bible & Book Service (WEBBS). The main programs (Easy-KeyEdit and Easy-KeySFMtoHTMLConvertor) are tailored specifically to enable users to produce diacritics (accents) that are not normally available on a standard English keyboard. The remaining programs provide additional facilities for editors and file checkers to use.

All of the programs should be installed or updated using our Download Manager. This has to be installed first, and is then used to download and install any or all of the other programs and fonts, or to update them from time to time. To obtain this program, just click on the "Software" button above and follow the directions there.

If you need to check your current version with the latest version available, simply click on "Latest Versions" in the "Software" menu above.

If you have any queries about this site or its contents, please click on "Contact Us" above and select "Paul Hicks" for website support. On the other hand, if you have a query about any of the programs themselves and how they function, please click on "Technical Support". Thank you!